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    Advancing Innovative Product Pipeline: Freeze-dried Plasma Powder.

    As a service organization with a keen eye on blood-related innovation, we are engaging those interested in education, purchase, or Transfusion Medicine oversight of freeze-dried plasma.

Freeze-dried plasma is not yet available for use in U.S. civilians, although it is currently being used for our U.S. military.

It is not yet an FDA approved biologic, but clinical trials have begun. As a dried product, it can withstand storage temperatures that current liquid plasma products cannot, allowing for easier portability and use at trauma locations, such as at the site of motor vehicle accidents.

Every year, millions of U.S. citizens are involved in motor vehicle accidents, with one of the major causes of death being rapid blood loss due to severe hemorrhaging. Plasma contains life-saving coagulation factors. Blood Associates stands ready to prepare the pipeline for education, purchase, and use of this product, once it becomes FDA approved.

If you are interested in acquiring this product when FDA approved and would like assistance in differentiating this unique product line from what is currently available or its competitors, or a cost analysis of supply chain/medical oversight logistics, please feel out the form.